Developed with Mom's Health in Mind
Setting Moms Up For Postnatal Vitality
2 x LIVE classes (November 4th & 11th)
5-Week Online Confident Mom Series
BONUS: Golden Swag Bag
For The FIRST 10 Mamas Registered
  •  Co-ordinating Planner Stickers (4 Sheets)
  •  Mala Bracelet for Mama & Teething Bracelet for Baby
  •  PRETTY ORGANIC Sitz Bath Soak for Mama & PRETTY ORGANIC Soap for Baby
  •  Set of 2 SPIT HAPPENS Organic Burp Cloths
(VALUE: $75)
I need to know more!
  •  What's different about this prenatal course?
  •  Should I still do a regular prenatal course?
  •  Why is it hosted in a brewery?
  •  Who are you and why did you create this course?
Let me fill you in...
A brand new, totally unique REDESIGNED prenatal course for the mom-to-be who wants to be EMPOWERED, EDUCATED and IN CONTROL of her health. New Mom Planner has developed a step-by-step process which includes everything from:

creating a support team
pre & postnatal rehab
postnatal nourishment
managing your mental health

all bundled up to help set yourself up for a healthy postnatal recovery.

 This course includes self-discovery, action-oriented homework, planning for your healthy postnatal recovery, 3 in person classes, a private Facebook Group with weekly Q&A sessions plus an online CONFIDENT MOM SERIES including industry experts who have dedicated their careers to helping women live their best lives.

 You will be a part of a community of women who are getting on the same ride as you, feeling excitement and nervousness all at the same time. Together we will manage our priorities, rally support and remind one another that MOMS MATTER and that this is a time to honour ourselves and our journey.
You Do All The Right Things to Grow a Healthy Baby...
  •  You take prenatal vitamins & supplements.
  •  You make better food choices - no more sushi & wine!
  •  You listen to all of the unsolicited advice.
  •  You educate yourself with books, books & more books.
  •  You take all the classes and do all the things.
But Mama, what about
Do you have a plan for your own recovery?
Hi, I'm Rebecca!
I was about 2 years postpartum and really struggling. I felt overwhelmed and tired all the time. Whenever I talked to another mom, I pretty much heard the same thing.

I wondered... why do I feel this way? And why, when everyone told me how amazing it was to have kids, does everyone else seem to feel this way?

There were multiple moments that I would find myself curled up in the bathroom corner, completely beside myself, convinced that I was a terrible mom and that my kids would be better off without me. There were times I would walk out the door and think of ways that I could end it all. I was so sleep deprived that one time I forgot how to drive my manual car and ended up at a bottom of a hill, not knowing where I was.
If you're about to have your second or third child, you may relate to some of that. If you are a brand new mom, you may be a little freaked out right now and I promise my story gets better. 

I was completely caught off guard with this whole motherhood thing. I knew about postpartum depression, but I never imagined I would end up struggling. I had no idea that postpartum anxiety was a thing, but I soon learned that it's a thing. Life before kids was healthy, full of fitness, sports, yoga & social time. So when I had my girls and my life was all of a sudden all about these 2 little humans, I couldn't cope.

I spent the better part of that first year on a rollercoaster feeling like there was no solution. When things continued to go downhill moving into my second year I knew something had to change. After a few disappointing visits to my doctor, I took my health into my own hands.

My journey opened my eyes to the complete lack of education and understanding of what it takes for a mother to grow and deliver a baby. Women are left depleted of vital minerals and nutrients and with every year that goes by, the pressure to "return to normal" mounts and the expectation to be able to handle it all grows.
I wasn't in the driver's seat. My identity as a mom had already been created by society and the women who had started this journey before me.
I want a different outcome for you.
What is The New Mom Planner Prenatal Course & Who is it For?
Most prenatal courses cover things like expectations throughout your pregnancy, labour & delivery, breastfeeding, swaddling, changing diapers etc. They talk about how to care for your baby and touch on mental health including the difference between the baby blues and postpartum mood disorders. 

These are all good things. Great things.

But there is rarely an opportunity to talk about and devise a recovery strategy and postnatal plan for the new mom.

Who will be there to support you? What are your goals as a mom? As a woman? 
Do you have a maternal mental wellness plan?

The New Mom Planner Prenatal Course has been designed to fill in the missing links in prenatal care and to create that recovery strategy and postpartum plan.
This course is for you if:
  •  You are currently pregnant.
  •  You are planning your pregnancy.
  •  You are a support person (partner, family, friend).
  •  If a healthy mind and spirit are important to you.
  •  You are a new mom (within 6 months).
  •  You are committed to a healthy recovery.
  •  You want to honour yourself.
  •  A healthy body is important to you.
New Mom Planner Course Content
Join us at Grain&Grit Beer Co. for 2 x 2-hour workshops: 

Sunday, November 4th @10am
Sunday, November 11th @10am
The New Mom Mindset
  •  Identify & recognize society's definition of mom.
  •  Recognize false beliefs about yourself and your definition of mom.
  •  Create a vision for how life will look both as a woman and a mother.
  •  Learn how to implement new habits that will shift your mindset.
Maternal Mental Health
  • Learn about the different types of perinatal mood disorders.
  •  Identify if you are predisposed to experiencing a mood disorder.
  •  Research different support options & coping strategies.
  •  Create a maternal mental health action plan.
This is where New Mom Planner really over-delivers! All mamas will be invited to join an exclusive private community. So while the in-person course is just 2 weeks long, I am adding another 3 weeks ONLINE to make sure we cover EVERYTHING!

I have gathered an incredible team of industry experts who are excited to join us for online workshops and interviews. Some have been hand selected and others have reached out and ASKED to be a part of this because they know what it is and the impact that it is going to have.

And Mama, if there is anything missing, a question unanswered or a problem not solved, we will work together as a community to figure it out.
What Happens in The Community...
  •  Bonus Modules
  •  Interviews & Workshops
  •  Q&A Every Friday
  •  Product Reviews
  •  Community Support
  •  Contest/Giveaway
This Sounds Amazing! I'm in...
PRICE PERSON (includes all course material PLUS an amazing swag bag): $147 CAD
FAIR WARNING: There is only space for 30 mamas!
Keep talking, I want to know more...
No problem! Let me introduce you to some really amazing ladies!
I don't know it all (even though I am a mom!) but I wanted to offer my mamas a variety of options to stay healthy in mind, body and spirit. The women I have asked to contribute to this course are all moms and all women whom I admire. They have taken their own personal struggles and turned it into something powerful. These ladies will be bringing their heart and soul to the online portion of the New Mom Planner Prenatal Course to give you the tools you need to be a CONFIDENT MOM. 
BONUS MODULE: Movement & Nourishment
Meet Alissa Blais
In this module Alissa will show you that you can create a sustainable, long-term way to get strong, find balance, and stay healthy. 

Alissa teaches comprehensive, safe, and effective training sessions as well as delicious and nutritious meals plans and supportive motivation. 

The Movement & Nourishment module is NOT about pressuring yourself to lose the baby weight. It's about loving the body you have so you can love the life you live.

Instructional live training with Alissa
The Best Exercises for Pregnancy & Recovery (PDF Download)
Calendar of Foundational Core & Breathing Exercises (PDF Download)
BONUS MODULE: Get a Grip on 'Mom Guilt'
Meet Laurie Joy 
The internet is a wonderful thing, but it has also done a number on how we judge ourselves and other others as moms. Co-sleep, don't co-sleep. Screen time, no screen time. Career mom or stay-at-home-mom. You feel guilty if you do and you feel guilty if you don't.

In this module, Laurie will be breaking down the WHY of mom guilt with tips on how to lead by example. She will help you create a practical plan on living your life for YOU and show you the positive impact that showing up for yourself can have on your kids and your family.

Whether you are a first-time mom, or you're onto baby number five, these lessons are invaluable and can help you avoid reverse engineering of you and your family's expectations of you.

The 5-Day Guilt Free Challenge Guide & Workbook (PDF Download)
BONUS MODULE: Mindful Self-Compassion
Meet Danielle Reed
 In this module Danielle will show you why and how to choose self-kindness and self-love rather than self-criticism amidst your struggles. Life is supposed to be hard. As humans, we are meant to experience struggle and pain. But suffering is optional. Having a consistent self-compassion practice truly is the answer.

Danielle shares the research behind self-compassion and why it works. She will also show the hard truths behind self-criticism. 

The Mindful Self-Compassion module is about truly loving yourself flaws and all. It’s about recognizing that embracing our imperfections is the way home to the happiest, most authentic versions of ourselves.

The Self-Compassion Matters Handout (PDF Download)
The MAY I…. statements (PDF Download)
BONUS MODULE: Is There 'Us' After Baby?
Meet Kelly Bos, MSW 
Welcome to the big and not so existential discussion about life after baby. Relationship expert Kelly Bos will discuss all things relational when it comes to baby and beyond. 

Having a baby will change the relationship in many ways. New parents can experience excitement, stress, surprise, and the list goes on. Kelly will show us how it can also be a huge opportunity for growth.

Having open and honest communication about the transition, expectations, and what to anticipate in going from just the two of you to three, four or more has been shown to help couples navigate the path before them more effectively. These conversations ultimately have a positive impact on mood and the mental health of parents-to-be.

This session will focus on the usual roadblocks including communication, making time for each other, and provide you tips and tricks to keep your relationship needs on the page.

The Dear Honey... I Need This From You... (PDF download)
30 Days and 30 EASY Ways to Show Love to Your Partner (PDF download)
BONUS MODULE: And Baby Makes 4 (or 5, or 6)
Meet Kelly Bourne
While this isn’t your first rodeo, bringing a new baby into the mix with older siblings can be a bit of a stress sandwich.

In this module Kelly breaks down three essential components for promoting baby’s smooth transition into your existing family life, including a candid conversation and Q+A on how to prepare siblings for the baby’s arrival, how to encourage helpfulness and cooperation without flaming rivalry, and some tips and tools for juggling the needs of two (or more!) kids at one time.

Always shooting straight from the hip, Kelly’s practical suggestions and real-life strategies will leave you feeling confident and well prepared for your new baby’s arrival.
BONUS MODULE: The Minimalist Parent
Jillian Burkhardt 
In this module Jillian will show you the benefits of a 'Less is More' approach to your home. By removing the things that you don’t need or use, you can make room for what really matters. We are constantly bombarded with so much stuff, but we can gain control over the type of environment we create at home to eliminate stress in various areas of our life.

Jillian is a mom of two young kids and strives for simplicity in all areas of her life. She enjoys inspiring others to do the same by removing the clutter in their homes, so they can focus more of their time doing things like spending quality time with family and friends and create a life they truly love. 

The 5 Day Simplistic Wardrobe Challenge (video course)
Minimalist Parent (PDF download)
I know... you're having a baby... which makes you a mom... which means you're wondering...
Is there any information in this course about taking care of my new baby?
We will also be hearing from a lactation consultant, naturopath & doula!
(What You Get)
Course Material
One-year Postpartum Planner 
(Value: $50)
Workbook & Guide
(Value: $30)
Workbook & Guide
(Value: $30)
  • Two 2-hour Classes at Grain&Grit Beer Co. (Value: $200)
  • Unlimited Cold Kombucha & Healthy Snacks 
  • Professional Guest Speakers (Value: $500+) 
  •  A Swag Bag of Goodies & Gifts (Value: $75+)
  •  5-Week Private Facebook Community
  • Learn Best Practices to Support Your Loved One in Her Postpartum Recovery
  • Appropriate for Partners, Moms, Friends
  • Assist in Creating Recovery Strategies
  • Become Educated in Perinatal Mood Disorder Signs & Symptoms
  • Appropriate for Doulas, Midwives, Naturopaths, OBGYN, Nurses
  • Experience Postnatal Recovery Planning First Hand
  • First Step in Becoming a Certified Postnatal Vitality Coach
  • Learn Proactive Planning for Perinatal Mood Disorders
BONUS: Golden Swag Bag
For The FIRST 10 Mamas Registered
  •  Co-ordinating Planner Stickers (4 Sheets)
  •  Mala Bracelet for Mama & Teething Bracelet for Baby
  •  PRETTY ORGANIC Sitz Bath Soak for Mama & PRETTY ORGANIC Soap for Baby
  •  Set of 2 SPIT HAPPENS Organic Burp Cloths
(VALUE: $75)
Postnatal Love
Really Nice Things That People Have Said

“After publishing 59 parenting resource books, I can tell you that Rebecca is the real deal. She is unique in her delivery and is not afraid to talk about the things that most people breeze over. She genuinely wants to help moms everywhere avoid unnecessary struggle. You're in good hands with Rebecca!”

Jennifer McCallum |

“Thank the stars for women like Rebecca! When one woman turns her own struggles into a lesson learned and then shared with another woman, a life is saved. A mom is saved. A woman is empowered. Thank you for your passion towards women and the betterment of moms everywhere.”

Laurie Joy |

“Rebecca holds the unique capability of being both incredibly knowledgable AND relatable. She gets it. She’s been there. And she is an absolutely invaluable resource for new moms everywhere. A passionate advocate of maternal health and postpartum care, she has a way of getting you through the hard times feeling supported every step of the way.”

Kelly Bourne |

“The New Mom Planner provides resourceful information on what moms need most in the first year after baby comes. From self-care tips to continuous check-ins to see how the new mom is feeling. This little book is a must have for diaper bags. Taking care of mom will help them be the best moms to their children. Thank you for creating this guide to follow throughout the first year.”

Alissa Blais | 

“Rebecca's emphasis on support of new moms is nothing short of exemplary. As an OB, I've witnessed too many times the "catch up" we have to play on moms suffering from overburden and depression. Getting moms a plan while baby is still not born is the BEST way to give these moms and their families the highest chance of health and happiness. I fully support Rebecca's work on postpartum depression--I've seen it ruin many families over my time in medicine. This should be required reading for all moms-to-be and their partners!”

Heather Bartos MD, FACOG |
The Top 5 Reasons to Join
  • COMMUNITY: Surround yourself with like-minded mamas.
  • EMPOWERMENT: Take control of your life as a mom & woman.
  • EDUCATION: Fill in the missing links to your pre & postnatal care.
  • MENTAL HEALTH: Create a maternal mental health action plan.
  •  BE PART OF A MOVEMENT: By honouring yourself & your journey.
11 Ewen Road
Hamilton, ON L8S 3C3
Once you register you will be invited to the exclusive and private New Mom Planner Prenatal Course group.
  •  What makes this prenatal course different? 
The New Mom Planner Prenatal Course is different in that the focus is on MOM'S HEALTH. More & more women are talking about not being prepared for the changes that came along with having a baby and the struggle they experienced because of that. There are things that can be done before baby arrives that will set us up for success; including creating a supportive and restorative environment.
  • This Mama Mindset stuff sounds a bit hippy-dippy, I'm not sure it's for me. 
Think about the way society portrays mothers - the tired, worn out, running-around-like-crazy, have-to-do-it all mom in the movies, on t.v, in advertisements and ALL OVER social media. The expectation is set for us and in order to stay in the driver's seat, we must be in control of our minds and create our own expectations and outcomes. 
  •  Why is the in-person part at a brewery?
Most prenatal classes are in outdated rooms with no windows or natural light. My beautiful friend Lindsay (owner of Grain&Grit Beer Co.) suggested her space because we are MODERN MOMS! Does this mean we will be drinking beer? NO :) It means we will be in a bright & beautiful space that is community driven & supportive of families. 

It's a SUPER COOL space ;) 
  •  Should I still take a "regular" prenatal course?
This prenatal course covers very little about labour & delivery or infant care. The information that we do offer will be coming from professionals. I would encourage you to listen to your instincts, if you feel you need more information, then most definitely take a regular prenatal course. 
  •  Who are you & why did you create this course? 
I'm a mom! The idea from this course came from my own struggles. The more I started to open up and talk to other moms, the more I realized that very few of us felt emotionally prepared for life as a mom. Very few of us had an actual recovery plan or strategy. 

The content that I have created for this course has been developed over the past 3 years. I am proud to say that I have just began presenting on Maternal Mental Health and was recently on the speaker panel for Laurie Joy's Moms Make a Difference Event. 

I don't know it all. But what I don't know is filled in by some amazing women who do know!
  •  Will we be meeting the guest speakers?
In order to keep the cost of the course low, all of the guest speakers will be joining us LIVE in our Private Facebook Community. They will be available to answer any questions you may have throughout the 5 weeks.
  •  What can I expect from the online portion of the course? 
The online portion this course will blow your mind. The private facebook community will run for 5 weeks and will be FILLED with extra workshops & bonuses. No one woman is the same and what resonates with one may not interest another. My goal is to give you a variety of options so that you have a full toolbox to achieve postnatal vitality. I will also be available for Q&A each week. 

In my opinion, one of the best part of this community (and this course) is that you will be surrounded by like-minded mamas who care about their health and their recovery. How do I know? Because this course is an investment in yourself & whoever you end up sitting beside will have also made the choice to invest in herself. 
  •  This is not my first baby, is this course for me?
ABSOLUTELY! The New Mom Planner Course is focused on MINDSET and putting YOU in the driver's seat. Starting a family is a considered to be one of the "steps" in life and seems pretty natural. Everyone does it and just expects that things will fall into place without putting any time into how we want it to look on a personal level. 

Many times, moms experience a loss of identity and a feeling of loneliness and isolation because they feel they cannot keep up with society's definition of a mom. All of this can lead to mental health struggles. 

This course designed to help you create your own outcome and/or change the path that you are currently on. You don't have to be the tired, overwhelmed mom throwing Pinterest-perfect birthday parties unless that's what you want. I want you to create your own definition free of judgement for yourself. 
  •  Will there be any additional costs?
Everything you need for this course will be provided for you (including some awesome free swag!).

The experts that I have asked to join us in the private community have taken their own personal experiences and struggles and turned them into their business & passion. Each one will be introducing you to what they do and how they may be able to provide more guidance or assistance once this course is finished. There is no obligation or pressure to buy or join anything. 

New Mom Planner fully supports and believes in each of these women and their mission but please know there will be no commission or affiliate fee earned should you decide to move forward with any product or service. 
  •  Do I have to print the course material? 
All of the course material for the in-person portion of the course will be provided in printed, full colour workbook. Any material provided by the experts in the community will be in downloadable PDF format. 
  •  More questions?
If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to email
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