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The Missing Link In Postpartum Care

Most of us are simply do not take the time to plan a proper postpartum recovery. We plan our pregnancy with no real understanding of what our body is doing (besides the obvious!) and only focus on what the baby will need. I’ve dedicated the Education & Resource section to free resources that I create as well as those that I have found to be helpful in my journey (with no affiliation). Enjoy!


Books I Love

(No affiliation, just a mom sharing some book love)

Pregnancy Support & Postnatal Planning

This community is for women who are expecting a baby or are planning their pregnancy who want to learn how to care for themselves in the pre & postnatal period. Our group focus is on ONE thing: a MOM life filled with health, happiness and vitality. A place to connect and share, find support and understanding, we’re in this together! P.S… it’s totally free!