I have to introduce you to one of my favourite ladies on this planet, Amy McLaren.

I have known Amy for almost 20 years (yikes!) but our relationship only really started grow into what it is now about 8 or 9 years ago when Amy’s husband sort of set us up on a “date” to attend a Tony Robbin’s conference together. We spent the weekend together & have been in each other’s corner ever since.

If you know Amy, you see the obvious. You see a kind, genuine, empathic lover of life. You see a great mom, a beautiful example of a supportive partner, a loyal friend.

But there’s more and while I admire all of the above, I cherish the deeper stuff. The stuff that changes people’s lives, although she would never accept that credit.

The deeper stuff is this incredible drive & desire to see women value themselves, to succeed, to live with passion & to step into their own light. She doesn’t just want this for her sisterhood, she pursues it creates opportunity to achieve it.

I remember when Amy was expecting her first child. She was terrified of losing her identity and not being able to live her passion. But here’s the thing with this girl, where there’s a will, there’s a way and although I know the beginning was tough, she forged ahead & designed her life the way she wanted it to be.

She travels with & without her family. She prioritizes her relationship. She values her friendships. She takes on entrepreneurship like a boss. She teaches her children the value of giving. She doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

And hearing all of this, you may think that Amy has had more privileges & opportunity than the average person, and yes she runs an amazing & successful business with her husband now but it’s important to point out…

That’s not how she started. She worked hard, sometimes 3 jobs at a time. She dreamed. She set goals. She continually worked on self-development. She gave back when she didn’t have much to give. She problem-solved. She leaned into her journey. She believed in and supported her husband when he didn’t believe in himself.

And yup, she’s had bad days. She had to miss the openings of one her schools in Kenya because she had a newborn baby at home. She wanted to adopt her first child, but that’s not how it worked out and she was heartbroken by the years spent waiting (you’ll have to follow her to get that whole story because it ultimately has a supremely happy ending). Sometimes her kids have meltdowns in public and she needs to call to vent. Just like anyone else.

And that’s my favourite thing about her. Despite her successes, her growth and the life-changing (literally) things she has done, her heart remains the same. Her loyalty remains the same. Her drive to be better and do better everyday remains the same.

She has an incredible vision to lift women up and create a community of action-taking, adventure-seeking women who constantly strive for more. Just like her.

Fair warning to Oprah… there is a new ‘queen of everything’ hot on your heels. You better up your game because this fine lady is about to steal your crown.

You can follow Amy on Facebook and Instagram AND you can join her amazing tribe LadyStrength Xo