I had a chance to catch up with Kelly Bourne, Parenting Educator and creator of The Parent ‘Hood, to share some tips on how to make the transition of adding a new family member easier on you and your little one.

Here are the top 3 tips that I took away from this chat on preparing your toddler for a new family member:

Go easy on yourself – it’s going to be a challenging transition, but try to remember that you’re not the only one feeling these feelings.

Awareness of where your children are in their developmental stages – we can’t expect a 2 year old to fully understand the needs of the new baby. It puts us back in control when we can step back, assess and remember that there will be a period of time in which the older child is simply trying to find their place.

Make them a part of the team – show that they are valued, they are capable and that they have something to contribute. They do have a space in the family.

We also chatted about how you may be unknowingly setting the scene for your toddler to “dislike” the new addition… it made total sense when Kelly pointed it out and luckily, it’s easily changeable.

You can watch the full interview in the video below!

Did you have any strategies for bringing a new baby home? Anything that worked or didn’t work? Let’s chat in the comments below!