Friends, I have tons of mom crushes and this gal is one of them. We met through my #1 mom crush (you’ll meet her soon!) and WHEN you start following her, you’ll fall hard.

This is a lady who wears her heart on her sleeve and lives in full transparency of what life as a mom, wife and business owner is like for her… the messy and the good. I love coming across Kristie’s posts because they always make me feel less alone in this crazy world of motherhood and womanhood. In fact, a recent post that she wrote gave me the idea for Mom Crushes and now I have a long list of women who inspire me that I can’t wait to write about and share.

This is the post (you’ll love it!):

I don’t even know how to start this post, but here it goes, messy but from my soul (and inspired by someone special).

Whatever you’re doing in life, whatever you’re working towards, whatever your life choices are, I hope you are finding joy in your journey. If you’re running a business, there are high times and low times, working hard and sometimes pulling back slightly. It can bring frustration and joy, and it’s ok to want to quit as long as you don’t. Find YOUR joy, not what someone else says your joy needs to be or how your business needs to be run.

Relationships can be easy peasy lemon squeezey and sometimes they require more attention and work. There are times that dates are infrequent, and times you’ve never felt more in love. Find YOUR joy in your relationship and not what someone else says you “need” to do/say/have.

We can get onto a hardcore health kick and also eat pizza and drink beer. We can make excuses for a while and sometimes find a routine that will undoubtedly get effed when a kid gets sick or you go on vacation. Find YOUR joy in living a healthy lifestyle but know that your style isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok.

Read or don’t read. Listen to personal development audio books or don’t. Wake up at 5 or sleep in. Whatever brings you joy, and allows you to live in the moment and to love the moment.

Where does this come from? It comes from my summer of change. My change of direction, location and perspective. I literally found JOY this summer and started to feel bad about it. “I have to do more”. So I squashed that ASAP because sometimes I go hard and sometimes I don’t, but that’s where my joy is.

What I admire about this lady most is that she lifts other people up and THAT is what being a woman is about. She relates, she inspires and she really cares. I wanted to start this MOM CRUSH series because I think it’s about high time that we start celebrating women just because. Follow Kristie, you’ll get so much more than what I just wrote.


Do you have a MOM CRUSH? I have so many to write about, but I would LOVE to honour your crushes too! Pop over to my INSTAGRAM and send me a DM if you’re interested. Xo