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This community is for women who are expecting a baby or are planning their pregnancy who want to learn how to care for themselves in the pre & postnatal period. Our group focus is on ONE thing: a MOM life filled with health, happiness and vitality. A place to connect and share, find support and understanding, we’re in this together! P.S… it’s totally free!

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Create a New Normal…

Mama, It’s time for you to take your power back! There was a time when it was almost taboo for a mom to talk about how hard it is and never admit the struggles she goes through. But gone are the days when women couldn’t talk about the trials and tribulations of having a new baby and their journey as a mother. Women are starting to speak up and share their struggles, which is great!

We have a tribe, as we should! It’s also time to start taking action. No woman should “suffer” in her new role as a mother. There are things that can be done before baby arrives that will set us up for success; including creating a supportive and restorative environment. Let’s join hands and hearts and create a NEW NORMAL for moms all over the world.

Postnatal Love

“Rebecca holds the unique capability of being both incredibly knowledgable AND relatable. She gets it. She’s been there. And she is an absolutely invaluable resource for new moms everywhere. A passionate advocate of maternal health and postpartum care, she has a way of getting you through the hard times feeling supported every step of the way.”

Kelly Bourne |

“Thank the stars for women like Rebecca! When one woman turns her own struggles into a lesson learned and then shared with another woman, a life is saved. A mom is saved. A woman is empowered. Thank you for your passion towards women and the betterment of moms everywhere.”

Laurie Joy |

“The New Mom Planner is an insightful addition for new moms to go along with their new additions. It provides resourceful information on what moms need most in the first year after baby comes. From self-care tips to continuous check-ins to see how the new mom is feeling. This little book is a must have for diaper bags. Taking care of mom will help them be the best moms to their children. Thank you for creating this guide to follow throughout the first year.”

Alissa Blais |